FBMS Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Title Email Address
Yaw Amofa 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher Yaw.Amofa@houstonisd.org
Lauren Ayres Literacy Specialist / 504 Coordinator layres@houstonisd.org
Matthew Baumgardner Special Education Teacher Assistant Matthew.Baumgardner@houstonisd.org
Jeffrey Bridgewater Dean of Instruction jbridgew@houstonisd.org
Tiffany Bryant 7th Grade Math Teacher Tiffany.Bryant@houstonisd.org
Justin Buren Teacher Specialist Jburen1@houstonisd.org
Sarah Cameron 8th Grade Science and Biology Teacher scamero3@houstonisd.org
Natalie Carlisle 6th Grade Science Teacher Natalie.Carlisle@houstonisd.org
William Carroll Police Officer William.Carroll@houstonisd.org
Anthony Castelline 8th Grade Math Teacher acastel2@houstonisd.org
Tatiana Castro SPED Clerk and Teacher Assistant Tatiana.Castro@houstonisd.org
Lilia Cerna Vanguard/Magnet Clerk lcerna@houstonisd.org
Samintra Charles Special Education Co-Teacher scharle4@houstonisd.org
Gabriela Citlalpopoca Special Education Teacher Assistant Gabriela.Citlalpopoca@houstonisd.org
Arthur Collier LCDC Teacher acollie1@houstonisd.org
Alexia Compean 6th Grade Clerk Alexia.Compean@houstonisd.org
Damaris Coquet-Acosta 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Spanish Teacher Damaris.CoquetAcosta@houston.org
Sarah Corley Choir Teacher scorley@houstonisd.org
Ida Cornish Special Education Co-Teacher icornish@houstonisd.org
Kristal Dick-Hardgrove Counselor (Students with Last Names A-L) kdick@houstonisd.org
Tiffany Domino Special Education Teacher Assistant tiffany.domino@houstonisd.org
Shannon Dwyer Special Education AU/TREK Teacher Shannon.Dwyer@houstonisd.org
Moises Fabela 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Moises.Fabela@houstonisd.org
Nicolas Flores Math Teacher Nicolas.Flores@houstonisd.org
Timothy Folkins 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher Timothy.Folkins@houstonisd.org
Danielle Foster 8th Grade ELA Teacher dfoste10@houstonisd.org
Illiana Franco 7th Grade Clerk Illiana.Franco@houstonisd.org
Essence Fuller 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher efuller2@houstonisd.org
Matthew Garza Karate Instructor/Teacher mgarza52@houstonisd.org
Benjamin Gibbs 8th Grade Assistant Principal bgibbs@houstonisd.org