Furr HS Magnet Programs

  • Furr High School Magnet Programs

    Furr High School offers two Magnet Programs; Futures Academy and STEM:


    -The Futures Academy Program gives students the opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree and valuable industry certifications in high-demand career fields while in high school through collaboration with Houston Community College. The Futures Academy programs are specifically tailored to meet the current and future needs of Houston’s thriving industries, which include the fields of medicine, shipping, energy, manufacturing, and computer technology.


    -The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program prepares students for the most in-demand 21st-century jobs that help fuel our local economy and our nation’s growth. We provide an array of industry-specific disciplines that prepare students to enter a pipeline of talent for medical, energy, science, technology, arts, agriculture, engineering, and mathematics professions.


    HCC Dual Credit is available to students enrolled in either program. Students must pass the TSI exam fall of their 10th grade year. 


    AP College Credit opportunities are also available to students in either program.


    Barbara Jordan Career Center opportunities are available for all students starting their junior year to earn work based certificates in Welding, Health Science, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Business Management, & other industries. Please apply with your counselor in your 10th grade year.


    Read about our CTE Pathways in Agriculture, Media, and Health Science!


    Requirements for Furr High School Students & Magnet Students

    Virtual Magnet Tours

    • Every Thursday between September 23rd and November 5th from 1PM to 2PM and at 6PM
    • Join our virtual tour here.


    Upcoming Virtual Magnet Fair Dates:


    Deadlines to Apply

    The deadline for this 2021-2022 year has passed. Apply Here for the 2022-2023 School Year


    Please apply early to ensure you have a good chance of receiving a space. 

    Phase 1: Sept. 17 - Nov. 18, 2021  Qualified in-district applications received during this phase will be entered into lotteries or be offered auditions. 

    K-12 Notification Date:

    January 27, 2022

    Notification Date Offers*

    For offers received on January 27th, applicants are provided until TBA to respond to the offer and make arrangements to confirm the offered seat.

    Phase 2: Nov. 19 - March 10, 2022* Qualified in-district applications received during this phase will be offered auditions or seats on a space available basis
    Phase 3: March 11 - onwards

    In-district applicants new to HISD and out-of-district applications will be considered on a space available basis. 
    TBA Last day for applicants to respond to the offer and make arrangements to confirm the offered seat

     For more information contact Ms. Villarreal at 713-675-1118 or cvillar6@houstonisd.org.