• One-to-One Laptop Distribution

    The one-to-one laptop program is a key component of HISD’s PowerUp initiative, which aims to transform teaching and learning throughout the district. By providing students with 24-hour access to a digital device, students can become the producers and evaluators of knowledge, not just consumers. The laptops will allow them to locate, evaluate, and interpret information, as well as collaborate with others to engage in authentic, real-world tasks. Most importantly, the students will develop the skills they need to compete in today’s 21st-century economy. For this privilege, each student is required to pay an annual, non-refundable $25 fee. 


    Paying the $25 Fee 

    To pick up a laptop, students must pay the $25 laptop fee.  


    Laptop Cases 

    Students are required to keep their laptop in the district issued case at all times.  Random laptop sweeps will be conducted and any laptop without a case will be sent to the PowerUp Room. Laptops will be available for pick up the following school day in the PowerUp Room if the student comes with their case. The cost to replace a lost case is $35. 



    Student Laptop Loan Agreement

    Student Acceptable Use Policy

    Electronic Device Acceptable Use