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    PreK - K  - K-2.6. Technology operations and concepts.  Demonstrate knowledge and appropriate use of technology systems, concepts, and operations.  Use proper keyboarding techniques.  Demonstrate keyboarding techniques for operating the alphabetic, numeric, punctuation, and symbol keys.


    1st - 2nd - K-2.6.4 Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.  The student applies critical thinking skills to solve problems, guide research, and evaluate projects using digital tools and resources.


    3rd - 5th3-5.1. Creativity and innovation.  The student uses creative thinking and innovative processes to construct knowledge and develop digital products.  

    3-5.2. Communication and collaboration.  The student collaborates and communicates both locally and globally using digital tools and resources to reinforce and promote learning. 


Daily Agenda

  • Daily Agenda 


    1) Assignment 

               PreK – K   - Practice keyboarding.  

               1st - 2nd  - Complete assigned lessons on 

               3rd - 5th  - Complete assigned lessons on 


    2)  Keyboarding 

               Typing lesson on via HUB

               Typing games on my website


    3) Enrichment Time 

               Choose a subject on my website