•  A course catalog is a listing of all the classes you can take at a school, along with descriptions of each course. This lets you see what things you might be interested in, and gives you a preview of a class before you get in there. You will use this course catalog to choose the classes you want to take next year. As you look through the course catalog, keep in mind whether you are Magnet or not, whether you’re in a pathway, and whether you are in any extra-curricular activities, because all of those things will impact what courses you choose.


     Please also keep in mind: according to state law, you MUST pass English I, II, and III before you are allowed to take English IV. Therefore, if you are missing credits for English I, II, or III, you will need to make up those credits in Grad Lab or summer school before enrolling in English IV.


    Click on the link below to view the course catalog.