School Histories: the Stories Behind the Names

  • Did you know that HISD used to have an Alamo Elementary School? Or that one of its elementary schools is named for a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient? How about that one of the oldest HISD high schools originally opened as the Houston Academy in 1878 and underwent five subsequent name changes before being chosen to recognize one of the most colorful figures in Texas history?

    If you have ever wondered how a particular HISD campus got its name (or even "what ever happened to" a school that is now closed), then you will enjoy exploring the links in the menu below "School Histories" in the left-hand column.

    Each section lists the names of various HISD schools in that category (elementary, middle, high, etc.), along with a brief description of each school's history, including details such as when it opened, who (or what) it was named for, and the date (if applicable) that it closed. HISD schools are named for a variety of notable people, places, and things.

    To suggest a school for inclusion on these pages, or to notify the district of a possible error in a listing, send an e-mail to and include "School Histories" in the subject line.