• School at St. George Place BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program

    The School at S. George Place is excited to announce our new Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) program. This program will allow students and campus staff to use their personal mobile devices to access the internet through the school’s Guest Wi-Fi wireless network. The goal of the program is to make it easy for individuals to bring their wireless network devices to campus and have access to the high speed internet. Teachers will still choose their own policies for the use of technology in their classrooms but the students will now have an option of bringing their own devices from home, on designated days.
    Mobile devices are becoming more powerful, common, and essential in our everyday lives. Students and teachers are further personalizing their own devices with apps, subscriptions, and customizations making them the ideal tool for everyday discovery. By creating a Wi-Fi network and standard of use, the School at St.George Place intends to leverage the personal devices brought to campus and supplement those, in some cases, with devices provided by the district.
    Increasing the amount of devices able to access the internet is one tactic that plays into the School at St. George's strategy of preparing students for the digital age. As the average number of devices increases in a classroom, teachers will be able to make lessons designed around mobile devices. In-class projects requiring students to seek out answers online use web services to complete tasks, or answer teacher polling questions wirelessly improves instruction by getting students more involved in lesson activities.
    Technology is changing the way people think, communicate, plan, and record their lives. By including the devices so many have come to rely on into our academic environment, teachers and students will begin teaching each other the latest technologies and information during class time. Including personal devices into classroom activities has been shown elsewhere to improve student interest and learning, and at Lamar High School our goal is to teach to where the students are.

    The School at St. George Place will begin a Bring Your Own Device pilot project beginning November 26, 2013. This project is designed to allow students and school staff a way to connect their devices to the internet and access information using their own devices via the campus wireless (Wi-Fi) network. Personal mobile devices and their security, maintenance, and responsible usage are still the responsibility of the individual and not the school or district, as outlined in the School at St. George Place BYOD Usage Standards (see below).

    Wi-Fi Network Access: 
    The school will offer a wireless network that allows students access to the internet through the districts filtered Wi-Fi network. The filtering of certain web sites is required by law and ensures that some web sites deemed dangerous, lewd, violent, or insecure are inaccessible from any district network. Laptops, tablets, eReaders, smartphones, and other devices that have a Wi-Fi (802.11) wireless network capability may work with the district Guest Wi-Fi network. 

    Mobile Devices Supported:
    The type of device one can use is limited only by its wireless network capability. Certain devices are already successfully being used on campus; iPads, iPods, Android, Nooks, Kindles, Macintosh laptops, and smartphones. Many of these devices are using their own vendor provided 3G or 4G/LTE wireless data networks. HISD is unable to monitor or restrict the use of these private networks and cannot guarantee appropriateness of information accessed through these private networks. Individuals are still liable for their conduct and must abide by the standards of use discussed in the BYOD standards (see below) Any device that has a Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network capability should be able to connect to the BYOD wireless network using WPA2 enterprise security settings and using their HISD network account information for username and password. Limited instructions beyond these details are available on how to connect and troubleshoot mobile device wireless settings.

    Support Options for Devices:
    HISD does not provide technical support for personal mobile devices. No employee of HISD is responsible to troubleshoot, repair, update, or configure a personal mobile device. Do not contact the HISD HelpDesk for support. 
    Responsible Usage:
    All of the district policies outlined in the HISD Acceptable Use PolicyHISD Code of Student Conduct apply to personal and district provided devices that connect to the district's Wi-Fi network and when connecting to a cellular/mobile network provider. The district is not liable for access, CIPA compliance or illegal conduct while connected to a non-HISD network provider but the policies and consequences of school and district polices still apply.