• Ms. Gainous

     Mrs. Dena Gainous

    Grade: 5th Grade
    Subject: Math
    Conference Period: 2:05pm-3:00pm
    Email: DGAINOUS@houstonisd.org
    Phone: 713-671-3680
    Please call during conference period.
    Hello everyone!  My name is Dena Gainous and I have been a 5th grade teacher at Raul C. Martinez Elementary for about 15 years. I began my teaching career here at Martinez in 2002.  I enjoy teaching and working with students very much.  I work to create a classroom environment that is filled with energy, motivation, determination, and SUCCESS!  I believe in encouraging and challenging every student to always do their very best.
    I love to teach math, because I am a very competitive person and it's easy to make math competitive and challenging in a fun way.  Every year we do a weekly fact battle on Fridays and the kids love it!  It's just a way of getting their minds flowing and focusing on math. 
    This year I am inspiring all of my students to become great leaders!.  We all have special talents and gifts that we must use and share with one another. My students and I will work together as a team to accomplish all of our goals.
    Mrs. Gainous
    5th Grade Math 2020-2021