• Raul C. Martinez Elementary School is named for the late Raul C. Martinez, who was the first Hispanic to be admitted to the Houston Police Department. That landmark event gave hundreds of minorities the opportunity to follow in his footsteps and become members of the police force. In 1973, he made history again by being elected the first Hispanic constable in Harris County.

    While serving as constable, Martinez established the county's first inhalant abuse hotline. Under his leadership, deputies confiscated various products that were sold illegally and he also visited schools to inform students of the dangers involved in using such inhalants. Constable Martinez also helped create the Animal Anticruelty Enforcement Division, a protective service for abused animals.

    Martinez is best known for the numerous contributions he made to the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). In 1957 he helped LULAC organize the Little School of the Four Hundred, presently known as Head Start. Constable Martinez died August 23, 1990. His contributions toward education, employment, and civil rights have helped many individuals succeed in today's society.
    Our Library is named in memory of Police Officer Jose A. Zamarron.  Officer Zamarron was struck by a drunk driver and killed while investigating an accident.