• kids Teacher Name Angela Okafor

    Grades Taught: First
    Phone: 713-671-3680
    Homeroom: B115
    Conference Time: 1:20PM to 2:17PM

    My name is Angela Okafor. I have taught in Raul C. Martinez Elementary school for twenty one years.

    I've taught kindergarten, first and second grade. I prefer to teach the lower grades because I strive to lay a very strong foundation for their academic experiences.

    Kids are my business. It's an honor and privilege to educate, inspire, empower and impact young lives. I believe it is my responsibility as a educator to be an effective diagnostician of students' interests, ability and prior knowledge. I set high expectations for my students and plan learning experiences that will be challenging and rewarding.

    It is a pleasure to teach your children. Please call, write, email or stop by our school to conference about your child's progress. 


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