• The Background/Fingerprinting Department is responsible for maintaining the background compliance for applicants, employees, volunteers, vendors, and contract HISD charter schools. In addition, The Background/Fingerprinting Department provides onsite fingerprinting to new hires.

Employee Relations

  • The purpose of the Employee Relations Department is to foster employee-employer relationships by maintaining professional standards of conduct and encouraging collaboration in the workplace. Our goal is to create a healthy organizational culture that encourages continuous communication, provides strong support systems, all while maintaining the safety of HISD students and staff.

Employee Services

  • Employee Services is the department responsible for providing front-line in-person, phone, and email human resource support to employees in the areas of verification of employment, payroll, benefits, and personal professional information.  The Employee Services department assist with the completion of mortgage, health and human services verifications, public service loan forgiveness, teacher loan forgiveness, and serves as the central hub for all employee verifications and records requests. Our goal is to strengthen employee-employer relationships by resolving employee concerns and implementing strategies to maintain and nurture collaboration efforts and employee satisfaction.

Leave Administration

  • The Leave Administration Department is responsible for the administration, processing, and tracking of all leave types within the District. Additionally, the Leave Administration department serves as a resource for employees and managers regarding extended leave policies and practices.

    We understand that employees need to take extended periods of time off for medical or personal reasons. That is why HISD offers different leaves of absence to help employees deal with situations that require extended periods of time off from work.

    Additionally, the website for Leave Administration can be found at

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