Does My Child Need Testing?

    • HISD students who have already been identified as G/T by HISD and currently attend an HISD school DO NOT need testing. 
    • G/T identified students who leave the district for more than 60 academic days, without a G/T furlough, must re-submit their G/T paperwork for their G/T label to be reinstated, they DO NOT need to be retested. 
    • Students enrolling from another district that have been identified as Gifted and Talented by their current school district, must submit their current district's G/T paperwork to HISD for consideration of a G/T label transfer. If approved the student will NOT need testing.  If not approved, the student will need to participate in G/T testing.
    • Students who have not been identified as Gifted and Talented need to participate in G/T testing.


    • Review your student’s interest and needs to look for alignment with specific Magnet programs or Program Choice transfer options.
    • Use the information and links at www.hisdchoice.com
    • Consider how you will rank your choices. Families can select up to 10 school programs, with a maximum of 5 magnet programs. (Please note that, each high school CTE pathway chosen is considered a separate application/choice).
    • Visit selected programs on School Choice Thursdays (for Magnet programs only). Please contact the Program Choice school for tour availability.


    Visit www.hisdchoice.com to apply online.

    • If you have used the system before, please use your previous account.
    • Paper applications are available online, at any school, or from the Office of School Choice (Online applications provide more options for tracking and staying up to date).
    • Make sure to sign and submit your applications.


    • For elementary and middle school Magnet programs, only Vanguard applications may require documentation. All Program Choice Transfer applications will require documentation.
    • Please be on the lookout for emails or phone calls related to your application.