Advanced Academics

  • Through our Advanced Academics program, students at Frank Black Middle School have the opportunity to earn up to 8 different high school credits at the middle school level.  Listed below are the different High school level courses that may be taken by students.
    Algebra I - Depending on a student's success in Mathematics, a student has the opportunity to be enrolled in Algebra I in 7th or 8th grade.  At the completion of the course, students will take the state of Texas end of course exam to receive High School Credit.
    1) HISD Readiness Assessment and rubric
    2) Must complete 6th grade VG Math/7th grade VG or Pre-AP Math
    Geometry I - Students who successful complete and receive Algebra I at the 7th grade level can be enrolled in Geometry as an 8th grade student.  Upon completion, students will be given a class final to determine High School Credit, as there is no longer a state end of course exam

    Science: Students have the opportunity to earn credit in one of the courses that are listed below.
    Biology I - Student enrolled in Biology during their 8th grade year will take the state end-of-course exam to receive high school Credit.

    Core Enrichment:
    Spanish I - Students enrolled in the High School Spanish course must complete 2 years of Spanish in order to equal one year of high school credit Spanish.
    1) 7th grade Spanish-must have an overall ELA average of 85% at the end of 6th grade.
    2) 8th grade Spanish-must pass 7th grade Spanish with an 80% average overall, 85% or higher in ELA, met standard on ELA STAAR and pass all core classes.

    Spanish II

    Spanish III

    AP Spanish

    Principles of Information Technology (required 11th grade technology course) - Students in the 8th grade can opt to be enrolled in Print technology and after 1-year of successful completion, students can receive High School Credit for the course.  Students must be enrolled in the course for a full year to be eligible for HSC. 
    1) Must meet passing standard for 6th or 7th ELA/Math STAAR.
    2) Must have an overall ELA average of 85% at year end, pass all core classes
    3) Successfully complete tech apps with 85 or higher

    Concepts of Engineering - In order to better prepare students to make guided and informed career choices in high school and beyond, The CTE Department encourages middle schools to offer CTE courses for high school credit. The Concepts of Engineering course includes embedded use of TEKS, Naviance, Texas Workforce Commission resources and data and integrated curriculum as well as field experiences provided by local industry partners. 
    1) Must have passed PIT with an overall average of 85%.
    2) Met standard on ELA/Math STAAR
    3) 85 or higher average in core classes