• Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy   
                                                             Positive ActionsIB PYP - French American School of Tampa Bay


    In the HALLWAYS, Wharton students and educators are…

    caring by showing consideration while in the learning zone.

    thinkers by using hallway wait-time to apply thinking skills critically & creatively.

    principled by respecting school property and the work displayed by other students.

    communicators by listening and using “inside voices” while talking with peers.


    In SPECIAL CLASSES (PE, Art, Library, Technology), Wharton students are…

     communicators  who collaborate with each other to achieve their learning goals.

     caring individuals who show compassion and respect for others by showing god sportsmanship in both winning and losing and by encouraging others.

    balanced by participating fully in a variety of activities such as technology, art, science, math and reading and making connections between them.

    risk-takers by participating in new and challenging activities.


     In the CAFETERIA, Wharton students are…

    communicators by using inside voices when talking to classmates.

    principled by waiting their turn in line when entering and exiting the cafeteria.

    open-minded by understanding and respecting what all students eat during lunch (vegetarians and foods from different cultures.) 

    caring by leaving the cafeteria cleaner than they found it.

    During ASSEMBLIESWharton students and educators are…

    knowledgeable about the content of the program.

    open-minded by accepting new ideas and concepts.

    caring by being respectful and quiet.

    reflective about the learning and the purpose of the program assembly.


    On the PLAYGROUNDWharton students are…


    caring by showing respect toward the needs and feelings of others.

    principled by being honest, demonstrating a sense of fairness, and taking responsibility for their own actions.

    open-minded by embracing games and customs of others.

    communicators by expressing rules of games effectively in more than one language.


    In the RESTROOM, Wharton students are…

    principled by rejoining their class quickly and quietly.

    caring by leaving the restroom cleaner than they found it.

    communicators by being quiet in the restroom and hallway.

    thinkers by using restroom wait-time to apply thinking skills critically & creatively.


    At DISMISSAL, Wharton students and educators are…

    caring by showing respect for each other during dismissal.

    communicating by listening attentively for their name to be called.

    reflective by reviewing today’s learning through an exit ticket activity before leaving the classroom.

    knowledgeable about after school procedures and flexible with changes.