• Philosophy

    Wharton Dual Language Academy is dedicated to providing a quality education for all children, including those with special needs who require special services, support, and programs to meet their education potential. We believe all learners have unique strengths and needs that influence their development physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. Our goal is to ensure that all students maximize their learning potential in each of the areas of development. We strive to build upon each student's strengths and further meet their needs in order to become internationally minded and a lifelong learner.


    Our special populations students [students identified in 504, Special Education program, and those identified as Gifted and Talented (GT)] are included and instructed in the general education classroom. They receive appropriate support and services within the general education classroom from teachers with specialized degrees and/or certifications. Positive learning communities are a part of the collaboration with all professionals to encourage and support problem solving for the betterment of our students' global learning. The district provides a continuum of placements where appropriate instruction is available to students with disabilities requiring special education and related services in accordance with federal and state laws.


    Special Education and 504

    Wharton Dual Language Academy is committed to providing an inclusive learning environment for all students. All students are provided with inclusive instruction within the general education setting. Students who qualify for the special education or 504 program have an individual education plan and are inclusively instructed with general education peers and provided accommodations.

    Intervention Assistance Team (IAT)

    Through PLCs (grade level teams of educators) and the Intervention & Assistance Team (IAT) committee, teachers, parents and administrators work together to set specific goals for a student once there is a concern.

    Special Education Referrals

    Once a student has been provided with intense interventions through the general education teacher and the support teacher and student data shows minimal or no student progress, the IAT committee will meet to determine a possible referral for an evaluation from the special education team. A parent may also request a full and individual evaluation to rule out the need for special education services or determine the student's eligibility for services.

    Special Education and 504 committees meet annually to review the student's goals and progress. The committee includes a parent, administrator, teacher, and/or special education teacher.


    Gifted and Talented (GT)


    Our students identified as gifted and talented (GT) are served in the general education classrooms, which are heterogeneously grouped. All of our teachers are certified as GT educators by the State of Texas. It is our district's policy that teaching and learning for GT identified students are differentiated by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program, utilizing higher-level thinking skills and developing independent research skills focusing on advanced-level products. However, this is our philosophy and practice for all students on our campus, whether they are identified as GT.





    *Policy Review: We will review our inclusion policy at least every year. In collaboration with the faculty and community, this policy was reviewed in August/September 2023.