• English Spanish  
    Why Herod's Dual Language Program?
    "A highly effective immersion program"


    • Professionally strong, experienced and caring teachers
    • Authentic differentiated curriculum
    • Students compete in essay contest (cosponsored by Spanish Consulate of Houston) and other competitions.
    • Parental involvement as volunteers and PTO
    • Classes in music, art, PE, technology, theater
    • After-school enrichment activities
    • Green building with a vegetable garden & pond

    Academic Benefits:

    • Higher academic achievement in school
    • Higher levels of second language proficiency
    • Higher results in state and standardized tests
    Cognitive Benefits:
    • Higher levels of critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Higher flexible-thinking abilities and enhanced creativity
    • Increased ability to concentrate
    Social Benefits:
    • Greater understanding of other cultures
    • Greater appreciation of personal heritage
    Economic Benefits:
    • Increased employment opportunities