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    For Dual Language Students and Their Families



    This free bilingual website is a wonderful resource for educators, ELL students, and their families. The information on this site is provided in English and Spanish. Webcasts, teacher materials, as well as research based articles, focus on a variety of ELL topics.



    IXL is not just about helping your kids learn math or language arts, it's also about helping them enjoy learning. That means encouraging them to have fun! Unlike traditional workbooks and exercises, IXL offers hours of intrigue for students—without distracting them from grasping key concepts

    Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more.


    This free on-line dictionary serves as a good reference when searching for word translations in multiple languages. Viewer can simply type a word and do a search in the chosen language. WordReference is also accessible through iPhone.




    Celebrate the joy of reading with Cuentos y Más, a dynamic show offered by the Arlington Public Library in Arlington, VA and winner of the Outstanding Children’s Program award by the Virginia Public Library Directors Association. The program features the talented and engaging bilingual storyteller Mariela Aguilar, who tells stories in English and Spanish and then visits places in the community such as the library.



    Spanish for Kids provides activities, multimedia clips, online dictionaries, a directory of Spanish-language schools, travel logs, and a forum for Spanish-language learners.



    Cody’s Cuentos produces free podcasts of classic fairy tales translated into Spanish and read by a professional storyteller. The site mascot is a friendly cartoon dog named Cody. Users have the option of subscribing to receive new podcasts when they are available.



    Reading is Fundamental (RIF) provides a bilingual website that is designed to help Latino families read, sing, and share stories together at home.



    Familiar Sesame Street characters help young children learn the basics of literacy to prepare them for success as they enter school. The site is available in English or Spanish.



    The National Center for Family Literacy puts the family at the forefront of educational reform in the area of national literacy. They have produced a free downloadable bilingual magazine in English and Spanish for parents called “Cultivating Readers,” which gives tips on promoting reading to children from birth until age 8.



    A Place of Our Own is the companion Web site to the daily Californian television series “A Place of Our Own” (and “Los Niños en Su Casa” in Spanish). The Web site, along with the TV series and an outreach program, are directed toward child care providers and share ways to help children to acquire developmental skills, language, and literacy. On the Web site, information and episode resources are organized by key topics, such as Brain Development and Health & Safety.

    http://kidshealth.org/kid/en_espanol/esp_land_pg/spanish_landing_page.html /

    This category of KidsHealth provides a variety of health topics in Spanish. Students in the upper elementary grades through high school can explore information on the many aspects of their health. The articles provided are written in Spanish but they can quickly be translated into English. A Spanish glossary is provided for medical terms. This would be a helpful site not only for Spanish speaking students but also for their families.


    This website provides free pre-reading materials for students at an early childhood level focusing on letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The materials are available in Spanish, French, German, and English. Activity pages can be made into books and serve as great learning tools not only for native speakers but anyone learning the basics of a new language.


    Education Place is a website which provides textbook support resources for grades K-8 in multiple subject areas. In the category of Classroom Resources for Teachers, multiple resources can be viewed and printed for use in the classroom. Graphic organizers and web links are also provided in English and Spanish.


    This website provides a variety of products which can be used to build multicultural classrooms and instill excitement of diverse cultures. Bilingual children’s products are available for purchase in 40 languages and book suggestions are presented by levels of difficulty. Multicultural lesson plans for Language Lizard books are accessible to educators and parents to help celebrate diversity.


    This website provides research based information, tools, and resources related to language and culture. Examples of the topic sections include Bilingual Education, English Language Learners, SIOP and Sheltered Instruction. CAL also provides on-line resources, databases, and a resource archive where you can find older but relevant resources.


    This New Mexico based website provides an abundance of resources, information, and support for educators, families, and the community to promote dual language and bilingual education. When visiting the site, viewers have access to professional links, resources, multimedia, DLeNM projects, and other related texts.


    This tri-lingual site presents idioms in English, French, and Spanish. Students can see a list of matching idioms, hear idioms pronounced and used in sentences and review idioms by participating in activities. This website requires Flash and can be a good resource for students in middle and high school.


    This is an excellent website of mathematical terms in English and 12 other languages for middle and secondary grades. Examples and a definition are included for each term and an audio recording of the English and Spanish terms are available.


    This is a very cool clock which not only provides world time but it also gives information on the world’s population, energy, food production, and many more topics.


    This website is a great resource not only for Hispanic Heritage month but also throughout the year. Scholastic provides information on Hispanic History, Famous Latinos, Latinos in History, and an interactive concentration game focusing on Spanish vocabulary. Additional resources include; printable timelines and biographies.


    The StoryPlace Pre-school Library is full of great activities for you to explore. Each one provides a theme, a story, an online activity, a paper-based activity, suggested readings, and a parent activity.


    This website can foster appreciation of Hispanic cultures in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month or throughout the year. The National Register provides cultural and political experiences of Hispanic Americans through the use of travel itineraries, properties listed on the National Register, and lesson plans.


    This is the Spanish section of Reading A-Z which provides a collection of high frequency word books, bingo cards, and word lists in Spanish. With a paid subscription, teachers are able to download and print three levels of these great readers reinforcing target Spanish vocabulary.


    Teachers can access multiple Spanish resources with a paid subscription on this website. Some of the available materials include; Daily word builders and reading, puzzles, theme units, word lists, and conversations. This is a great resource to reinforce Spanish and English vocabulary.