The Phase I window for School Choice Applications is open from December 14th - February 2nd. 

    The date of your submission does not affect your chances of receiving a seat as long as you submit within the window. 
    For help with your application or any questions related to the School Choice process, please contact Laura Mathus at:


    Come Check Out Our School! 
    Fine Arts Magnet Tour Dates & Times:
    December 1st, 8th, and 15th @ 1:00pm 
    January 12th, 19th, and 26th @ 1:00pm 

    Or contact Laura Mathus for an alternate tour time. 

    Want to Learn More About All Houston ISD Magnet Schools??
    Come to a School Choice Fair! 
    School Choice Fairs - Dates & Times:
    December 10th @ Worthing High School
    January 21st @ Heights High School 
    January 28th @ Westside High School 
    All fairs are from 9:00am - 12:00pm

  • We are a Fine Arts Magnet School proud to offer a variety of classes in 4 Art Areas:

    Visual Art
    Digital Art

    At Marshall, Magnet students receive an arts-focused education! Every Magnet student will choose and enroll in at least one Fine Arts class per semester and will attend daily. These courses develop and prepare students for a future in the arts. Each student will receive:

    • A quality education from a teacher trained in the specific art area

    • Project-based opportunities that include student leadership and peer collaboration 

    • Daily hands-on learning opportunities 

    • Collaboration opportunities and Master Class opportunities with arts community partners and fine arts high school partners 

    • Guidance and preparation for Fine Arts Magnet high school auditions

    All Marshall Magnet Students also receive these enriching opportunities throughout the year:

    • Exciting field trips

    • Competition opportunities

    • Multiple performance opportunities in the school and community 

    • Magnet Social Events during school hours 

    • Magnet Nights with families 

    Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts is also proud to offer:

    • A robust and rigorous academic experience 

    • Special Education 

    • Gifted and Talented Education 

    • A state-of-the-art STEAM Lab for maker space activities 

    • A multitude of exciting elective courses 

    • An array of after-school clubs 

    • A successful athletics program including numerous sports 

    Remember that Magnet students are also provided Houston ISD bus transportation! Don’t let distance deter you from applying to this incredible school. 

    Come join us for your journey into your future in the arts! We are proud to welcome you to Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts! #catamountsdream

    For more info contact:
    Laura Mathus
    Magnet Coordinator