• Auditions

    Once your application to Marshall Middle Academy of Fine Arts has been processed through the Smart Choice system, the next step of the application process for our school is to attend an AUDITION. Since we a performing fine arts campus, all applicants must audition. 
    If you applied during Phase I (September 28 - December 7) it is very important that you audition as soon as possible! Phase 2 is December 8, 2019 - May 31, 2020.
    Our dates for Spring auditions will be announced in mid-September.
    The following directions are important steps to follow to ensure you have a smooth audition! Please read carefully. 

    How to prepare

    1.   Select your audition time when you submit your application online.

    2.   Each fine arts concentration has their own set of audition requirements. Please select the focus area that your child will be auditioning for on the left side of the screen. You only need to audition for your first choice (not your second choice). Please only schedule ONE (1) audition when you submit your application online!

    3.   Arrive at your audition on time with any necessary supplies. Check in at the front office of the school and wait in the lobby. Someone will direct you to your audition.

    * You only need to schedule 1 (one) audition for your 1st (first) Fine Arts choice (not your second choice). ONLY 1 (ONE) AUDITION WILL BE GIVEN. 

    What to expect during the audition

    1.   Check in with the Magnet Coordinator, Magnet Clerk or Magnet Teacher.

    2.   Wait in the hall for your audition. You may practice/stretch/warm-up while you wait.

    3.   During the audition, parents/guardians must wait in the hall/lobby.


    What to expect after the audition

    1.   After the audition, the student will not be able to see their audition sheet or know if they have made it into our program.

    2.   Magnet notification will be in the Spring. Upon choosing your school for the 2020-2021 school year, you will be contacted to sign your Magnet Entrance Agreement letter.

    3.   You will also need to ensure your child is registered with the school. Though the student was accepted to the Magnet program, they must still be registered with the school. Magnet acceptance and school registration are two different things. The registrar is Ms. Miller.


     If you have any questions, please contact the Magnet Office at (713) 226-2600.