• Hogg M.S. Uniform

    Hogg Middle School ID Badge Policy

    The ID badge is part of our dress code at Hogg Middle School.  The requirement to wear a ID badge applies to everyone on campus and is for the safety and security of our students and faculty.  Badges allows us to quickly and easily identify anyone who should not be on our campus.     


    • All students, faculty and staff members must wear an ID badge.  
    • Badges will be issued at the beginning of the school year.
    • Students will receive their first ID badge for free.  A lost ID badge must be replaced.  
    • Replacement badges are $5.00.
    • Students may purchase a replacement badge in office 101 before or after school.
    • A student who does not come to school with an ID will serve an administrative consequence such lunch detention, and or administrative detention for repeated offenses. 

    Hogg M.S. Uniform Policy

    School uniforms can improve learning by reducing distractions, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically. In addition, uniforms give students a sense of belonging, a feeling of equality; they provide an opportunity for mutual growth and create an identity for the school in the community. The following policy can only be successfully managed with parental support.

    On Fridays, students may wear a Hogg spirit shirt or college shirt. Otherwise, students are expected to be in uniform on Friday.

    Top Bottom

    Shirts - Students must wear properly fitted Polo-Style shirts:

    • 6th Grade: Razorback Red
    • 7th Grade: Gray
    • 8th Grade: Black

    Jackets and Other Outerwear

    • Hogg colors ONLY (red, gray, black)
    • College insignia (does not have to be Hogg colors)
    • Uniform collar and ID badge must visible outside of jacket at all times

    Winter Month Policy - During the winter months (December - February), cold-weather coats are permissible


    • Navy or Khaki uniform pants - Fitted at waist
    • Jeans - Fitted at the waist and free of any holes and/or designs
    • Jeggings are NOT permitted

    Skirts and Shorts

    • Navy or Khaki uniform shorts and skirts only
    • Shorts and skirts must be knee-length
    • Jean shorts are NOT permitted


    • Athletic shoes or other closed toed shoes
    • No flip-flops, sandals, or other footwear with exposed toes


    Absolutely NO jackets or sweatshirts with hoods will be permitted, even during free dress days. College apparel must not have a hood.  Students are not permitted to tuck hoods into their jackets. Hooded articles of clothing will be confiscated.


    Razorback Outerwear

    Order your Hogg Razorback Outerwear now!  We have crew neck sweatshirts, windbreakers and fleece jackets in Hogg colors available for purchase through December 5th.  Order online here: https://www.schoolpay.com/pay/for/Hogg-Razorback-Outerwear/Mc1s or pick up an order form from Ms. Rodriguez in the foyer.

    School Supply Lists

    Preparedness is critical to success at Hogg M.S. Grade level-specific school supply lists can be found by clicking the below links.  Please be sure that your child comes to school with a backpack and their supplies each day.  To help with organizations, students should only carry the supplies needed for the classes they have each day.  

    Students will receive a schedule for dropping of their school supplies from their Homeroom Teacher on Monday, August 27.  School supplies should NOT be dropped offed prior to the start of school or brought to school on the first day.  

    Important Policy Information

    Cell Phones/Digital Devices
    Thinking of buying your in-coming 6th grader a cell phone? Get them a flip phone! It offers the functionality you want without the access to social media they don't need.  Students are NOT permitted to use personal cellphones, tablets, laptops, or any other digital devices at any time while on campus or during school-sponsored events. Digital devices in sight during school hours will be confiscated and will be subject to a $15 fine, per HISD policy. Please do not call or text your child during the school day on their cell phone. You may call the front desk with messages for your child and the receptionist will see that the information is delivered to the student accordingly.
    Did you know that HISD provides FREE lunch for every student at Hogg Middle School? This school year, parents will no longer be permitted to drop lunch off for their child at school. If your child forgets their lunch, we will make sure they get a hot, fresh meal prepared under the direction of HISD's new award winning nutritional services officer. Parents are welcome to bring lunch to eat WITH their child in our cafeteria.