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  • Vanessa Saldana

    Vanessa Saldaña, Principal

    Phone: 713-802-4700

    At Hogg Middle School our mission is to collaborate as a community of learners to transform students into educated, creative, innovative, global citizens.  We aim to ignite and nurture the potential of each student and learner to become the best expression of him or herself.

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  • Virtual Learning Attendance 

    Students who engage in learning activities via the HUB, participate in a Teams meeting with teachers, or submit assignments via the HUB are considered “present” and will not be marked absent.​​

    Students can engage with their teacher though the following:

    • Daily participation in the HUB, completion of independent reading and work assignments, use of assigned digital tools, and/or group interactions.
    • Interaction with teacher via Teams as part of live or small group instruction.
    • Students assignment submission via the HUB for each scheduled class. When unable to submit via the HUB students can submit assignments via emails, photos, phone conferences or other forms of documentation.


    Virtual Learning Grading

    • Grades will count!
    • Grades will be taken during each grading cycle of the 2020-2021 school year.
    • All cycle grades will be used in the calculation of the final average for any class.
    • Final exams will be administered for all high school credit courses.
    • Teachers must update grades weekly.
      • 2 grades per week for double block classes
      • 1 grade per week for single block classes


    Click here for more information on Virtual Learning Attendance and Grading Policies.

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