• Theatre (Grades 6-8)

    Beginners Theatre (THTRE ART 1Y MS): is an entry-level, participation-based, performance course designed to help students gain self-confidence through the discipline of Theatre Arts. All students are required to participate in class and perform in groups and individually. This course will also assist students in developing effective writing skills. This class has two levels: A 6th grade beginner’s level, and a mixed 7th and 8th grade level. No prerequisite is required.

    Intermediate Theatre (THTRE ART 2Y MS): Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Beginners Theatre.  This course is open to 7th grade students only and designed to give the student actor opportunity to continue developing acting and building self-confidence and characterizations. This course focuses on specific acting exercises and approaches that will expand and refine the actor’s skills.

    Advanced Theatre (THTRE ART 3Y MS): is an audition-based class that will strengthen and enhance skills in ensemble work, movement, voice, scene and play analysis, playwriting, student directing, and musical theatre. Students will participate in theatre festivals (UIL competition) and experience live theatre. This course provides serious acting students the opportunity to continue their training in characterization, advanced improvisation, movement, auditioning, scene work, script analysis and interpretation and appreciation of the Art of Theatre. This class is open to 8th graders only. Prerequisite: Intermediate or similar Theatre class and a passing grade of C or  better when that class was taken.


    If you have any questions, contact Dr. Taylor, dtaylor6@houstonisd.org