• Aitch, Heaven S                     Hayes, Priya S
    Aleman, Ava D                       Hernandez, Angeline
    Castro, Daniela I                    Land, Katherine E 
    Cavazos Casique, Amerie        Leal, Serena D
    Contello, Sophia R                  Marines, Emma
    Correa, Leah M                      Marines, Isabella  
    Corvera, Camila S                  Martinez, Mia E 
    Crump, Lauren H                   Morrison, Riley K  
    Davis, Bailey H                      Navarro, Alejandra 
    Donnie, Kennedy L                Olivos, Danielle C  
    Donnie, Madison J                 Perez, Alyssa M 
    Esparza, Ariana V                  Phillips, Arabelle O 
    Gomez-Seale, Kaylee M         Sanchez, Scarlet R 
    Gonzales, Sausha I               Sandoval, Ruby B
    Guyre, Olivia S                     Sandoval, Scarlett B


  • Razoretees at Waltrip HS for competition

  • Introducing


    THE BLAZERS (Boys)

    Hogg's dance team!

    • Tryouts are open to all genders
    • No dance experience necessary
    • Bring your dancing clothes - comfortable exercise clothing!

    Performances will include:

    • Football and Basketball games
    • Spring Showcase
    • STEAM Night
    • Pep rallies

    And so many more!



    Summer Camp!!


    For questions, contact Ms. Briceno or Ms. Breed using the information provided.