• The list below represents Advocacy Clubs from a previous year at Hogg Middle School.  For the 2021-2022 school year, students will have the opportunity to suggest clubs during the month of October and then rank their choices during their homeroom period by the end of October.  Some clubs, like Student Council and National Junior Honor Society, will be assigned automatically based on membership in those organizations.




    Hogg Productions

    Mr. Mason

    Restorative Club

    Ms. Graf

    TCG Club

    Ms. Reynolds

    Trumpet Club

    Dr. Rast

    Comic Book Club

    Ms. Rivera

    Card Game Club

    Ms. Chambers

    Year Book Club

    Ms. Lopez

    Club de Futbol

    Mr. Bouwsma


    Mr. Watts

    Model Railroad Club

    Mr. Williams

    Card Game Club

    Ms. Morgan


    Ms. Tate

    Young Performers Studio

    Dr. Taylor

    Jazz Band

    Mr. Sells

    Basketball Club

    Coach Brown

    Calligraphy Guild

    Ms. Bukhari

    Hogg Book Club

    Ms. Bryant

    Bullet Journaling

    Ms. Spruce

    Jigsaw Puzzle Club

    Mr. Flores


    Ms. Martinson

    Coloring Club

    Ms. Cartier-Yazell

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Ms. Walley

    History & Pop Culture

    Mr. Williford

    Ping Pong Club

    Ms. Ozanic


    Ms. Butron


    Ms. Perez

    Logic Puzzles

    Ms. Hernandez

    Scrabble Club

    Ms. Tran


    Ms. Guillory

    LEGO Club

    Mr. Guerrero

    Hogg Quilting Bee

    Ms. Breed

    Acts of Kindness

    Ms. Aguilar

    Uno Club

    Ms. Parker

    Board Games

    Ms. Valles

    Improv Club

    Ms. Goodman

    Friendship Bracelets & More

    Ms. Penrice

    Animal Care & Hogg Pond

    Mr. Mark

    Bullet Journaling

    Ms. Thornton

    Athletic Team

    Coach Denson

    Karate Competition Team

    Master Cardenas

    K-POP Dance Club (BTS)

    Ms. S. Jones (Art)

    Fun with Yarn

    Ms. Harrison

    Crossword Puzzles

    Ms. Leija

    Number Sense

    Ms. Graham

    True Works

    Ms. L. Jones (Math)

    Hogg Graphic Design

    Ms. Sulewski

    Pop Up Shop

    Ms. Bravo


    Ms. Crump

    Hogg Young Gents

    Mr. Shepherd

    Girl’s Empowerment!

    Mr. Pierson

    Student Council

    Ms. Brown


    Coach Aleman