• The Middle Years Program curriculum develops students' personal understanding, emerging sense of self, and responsibility in their community. In the MYP framework, all students are required to take courses in eight content areas. In addition, students have the opportunity to enroll in advances courses for high school credit.

    Rich Academic Programming

    • Neighborhood Vanguard Program
    • UIL Academics
    • National Junior Honor Society
    • Name That Book
    • Accelerated Math Track
    • Book Clubs
    • Author Visits
    • Yearbook
    • Service Learning
    • Community Project
    • 6th Grade Summer Bridge Camp


  • Eight Content Areas

    All students receive instruction in Eight Content Areas: Art; Design; Individuals and Societies; Language Acquisition; Language and Literature; Mathematics; Physical Education; and Science. Our goal is to create well-rounded, globally-minded students who are ready to learn and confront the challenges they face.

    IB Course Selection
  • *High School Credit Courses

    We offer a wide array of classes for high school credit hours. Students earn credit course hours while taking classes at Hogg that will count toward their high school diploma.



    Art 1 (8th Grade)



    Principles of Applied Engineering (7th Grade)

    Principles of Informational Technology (8th Grade)


    English/Language Arts/Reading

    Journalism (8th Grade)


    Language Acquisition

    French I (8th Grade)

    German I (8th Grade)

    Spanish I (8th Grade)

    Native Speaker / AP Track

          LOTE I - Spanish for Native Speakers (6th Grade)

          LOTE II - Spanish for Native Speakers (7th Grade)

          AP Spanish (8th Grade)



    Algebra I (7th Grade & 8th Grade)

    Geometry (8th Grade)



    Integrated Physics and Chemistry (8th Grade)