G/T Neighborhood vs. Vanguard Magnet

  • What is the difference between G/T Neighborhood & Vanguard Magnet?
    Gifted & Talented Neighborhood Programs are designed to meet the needs of the G/T students at their neighborhood or zoned school. G/T Programs are designed to provide G/T services on a campus for all G/T students who are zoned to that campus and for any non-zoned G/T students on a valid transfer (other than Vanguard Magnet transfers).
    Vanguard Magnet Programs are designed to meet the needs of G/T students in pre-selected magnet schools in accordance with the district and magnet guidelines. Vanguard Magnet schools provide services to their zoned G/T students (with the exception of TH Rogers School and Carnegie Vanguard High School which do not have a “zoned” population) and students on a Vanguard Magnet transfer. There are 10 elementary Vanguard Magnet locations, 5 middle school locations, and one high school location.