G/T Testing Dates

  • -Nov.9th- Nov.20th Universal Screening for Kinder and 5th  Grade

    -Nov.9th- Dec. 4th- Enrolled applicant testing for 1st-4th Grade

    -Nov 30th- Dec. 12- Non-Enrolled applicant testing, for students not at Briargrove


    HISD screens kindergarten and fifth grade students who were not previously identified as gifted and talented in what is called Universal Testing. This process begins the week of November 9, 2020. An Abilities Test and an Achievement Test are administered universally to all kindergarten and fifth grade students for Gifted and Talented (G/T) identification. The Abilities Test and the Achievement Test has been scheduled for November 9 – November 20, 2020.

    At this time, as per district guidance, all GT Testing is scheduled to be held on campus. 

    If your kindergarten or 5th grade student is currently participating in virtual instruction and you would like them to be universally screened, please fill out the Google Form below. This information helps us plan for a safe and social distanced testing environment. All kindergarten and 5th grade students who are receiving face to face instruction will be screened in their classrooms.

    Note that 1st-4th Grade students who wish to test for GT will apply online through the HISD Parent Connect Portal. You will be contacted the week of November 9th about testing.

    Please be aware that HISD offers Gifted and Talented screening once every school year. If you choose not to attend the face to face testing for 2020-2021, it will be offered the following year.