The Gifted & Talented Neighborhood Program

    What is the Gifted & Talented Program?
    The Gifted & Talented program is designed for G/T students in grades K-12 who excel in general intellectual ability in combination with creative/productive thinking and/or leadership ability. G/T programs provide services that are comprehensive, structured, sequenced, and appropriately challenging. HISD curriculum is differentiated by modifying the depth, complexity, and pacing of the general school program, utilizing higher-level thinking skills, and developing independent research skills focusing on advanced-level products.
    Where can I find more information?
    The Gifted & Talented Department website, and the Office of School Choice website, contain general information about G/T programs, the application process, the G/T Identification criteria, applications, and links to related websites.
    Questions or interests regarding the Gifted & Talented Neighborhood Program at Briargrove?
    Feel free to contact Mrs. Kelly Johnston, Briargrove Elementary Gifted & Talented Coordinator