How to Connect:

  • Parent Student connect allows registered users to log in to access a variety of student information.
    • Daily attendance
    • Class schedules and assignments
    • Progress reports
    • Report cards
    • Standardized test results
    • Curriculum resources
    • Parent and student resources 
     You will need the following information to complete registration:
    • Student ID number (HISD)
    • Student date of birth
    • Last five digits of student's social security number if on file with HISD.  If not on file, use the last five digits of the "S-Number" provided to your child by HISD.  Please call the school if you do not know this number. 
     To login click on the link:
     To begin registering click on the link:
    Note: You will need to register each child separately.  If you have any trouble call the HISD Help Desk at (713) 892-7378.