• Welcome to Ethel R. Coop
    Capable. Connected. Cared For.

         Welcome to Coop Elementary School. The faculty and staff extend greetings and best wishes for a successful school year and invite you to become part of our global culture. We urge you all to become well acquainted with the policies contained in this handbook. The information will be of great value in helping you to adjust to our school and become an integral part of it as we work towards building well-rounded life-long learners ready to lead and compete in the 21st century.
         We hope that you will participate in our varied activities throughout the year including Principal's Club, Honor Roll, after-school clubs, Multicultural Celebration, college visits, Navidad en el Barrio, etc. Remember that your success depends on your effort and your attitude. May you always have the spirit to do those things that will make both you and your school exemplary.

    Mission Statement

    At Coop Elementary we promote academic and personal growth by building relationships, creating opportunities, and empowering students to become global graduates.

    Coop Elementary Information 
    School Hours:  Monday-Friday - 7:40-3:10
    Address: 10130 Aldine-Westfield
    Houston, Texas  77093
    Phone number: (713) 696-2630
    For security purposes, all visitors must sign in at our front counter. This is a required District Policy. Please refer to Safety and Security of this manual for specific information.
    Leadership TEAM
     Tudon Martinez, Principal
    Julio Palacios, Administrative Assistant  
    Judit Alaniz, Teacher Specialist
    Shateria Harris-Stephens, Teacher Specialist
    Nora Rubalcava, Teacher Specialist
    Karen Cabarrus, Teacher Coordinator 
     Ana Nieto, Counselor
    To meet with the counselor or administrators please call the school in advance at (713) 696-2630 for an appointment.