• Coop Elementary Dress Code
    *A school uniform is required for all students*
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
    • White short sleeve blouse with collar or white,  navy blue, light gray or yellow polo with collar
    • Any COOP polo with collar
    • Only blue jean bottoms (jean pants, jean skirts)
    • White knit short sleeve shirt with collar or white or navy blue polo with collar
    • Any COOP polo with collar
    • Only blue jean pants
    Field Trips
    • The school uniform or appropriate jeans with white/navy blue polo or any Coop t-shirt or Coop polo are permitted.
    Uniform Requirements
    1. All clothing must be clean.
    2. If a student requires special dress for medical reasons, the school administration must be notified.
    3. Hair must be clean and well groomed. Extreme hair styles, mo-hawk hair cuts, brightly colored hair, dyed hair or shaved hair designs/logos are not permitted.
    4. All hats, caps, and head gear will not be worn in the building.
    5. All safety measures as would apply to clothing or the lack of clothing are observed. Example: Dangling jewelry is to be avoided.
      Students are required to wear appropriate shoes.
    6. Clothing should cover the student's body from the shoulders to the knees.
    7. Any garment or personal item bearing offensive language or graphics is not acceptable.
    8. All students must wear a belt on all pants that have belt loops. 
    Dress Code