• Berry Dress Code


    Berry’s school community has set high standards for appropriate school attire and personal cleanliness.  The students’ appearance can influence behavior and affect the learning environment.  Below are the required uniform guidelines:


        green polo      yellow polo  Blue Jeans Khaki pants   Khaki Skirts     khaki jumper     khaki shorts

                Green                         Yellow               Blue Jeans             Khaki                  Khaki                 Khaki                 Khaki
    Polo Shirt with Collar          Polo Shirt                                  Uniform Pants          Skirts               Jumper               Shorts
                                                   with Collar




    Pants & shorts


    Berry Elementary Green or Yellow Polo Shirt with Collar

    Plain khaki uniform style

    Sneakers or closed shoes


    No decorations

    No sandals


    Must wear a belt

    Must wear socks


    Blue jeans

    Laces must be tied


    No cargo pants

    (pants with several pockets)

    Toes cannot be exposed



    • Chain/necklace is limited to one small to medium in size
    • Girls – no large hoop earrings (must be smaller than a quarter)
    • No high heel shoes or flip-flops


    Grooming Habits 

    • Hair must be neat, clean, and well-groomed.  Hair style/color must not create disruptions or distractions nor disrupt the view of the child.  No shaved hair designs are allowed.  Extreme hair styles which include hair that is dyed an unnatural color (green, orange, etc.).
    • Make-up and acrylic nails are not allowed to be worn at school.
    • Caps and head coverings may not be worn in the school building.


    Students not wearing the school uniform must call home to parents in order to have a change of clothing brought to school. Students will not be allowed in the classroom until they are dressed accordingly in uniform.


    We want to encourage parents to donate your child’s gently used school uniforms that your child no longer wears to Berry.  With your uniform donations, we will establish an exchange program at Berry which will assist other families in meeting Berry’s uniform requirements.


    Appropriateness of clothing and hairstyles will be determined by school administrators.