• Scholarship Information for Seniors
    There are so many scholarships around the nation for all types of students, no matter the personal or financial background. The HAIS College Center posts and submits to the senior class a list of scholarships for them to apply, from local to nationally-affiliated programs and organizations.
    Different websites you can use to search for scholarships are: 
    Tips when completing scholarship applications:
    1. Please read the guidelines, eligibility requirements and instructions carefully.
    2. Request transcripts in advance from Ms. Allen, HAIS Registrar.
    3. Request letters of recommendations within 2 weeks in advance to give your recommenders time to write a quality letter on your behalf.
    4. Use your resources to have your scholarship essay reviewed; HCC Writing Lab, English teacher/professor, etc.
    5. Do not wait until the last minute to apply.
    6. Create a list of scholarship apps based on deadlines to stay organized.
    7. Apply for the small scholarships that offer less than $1000. Small scholarships are just as helpful and useful as large ones (and are also overlooked.)