• HISD Student Code of Conduct

    The Houston Independent School District (HISD) has established as one of its primary goals the provision of a quality educational program for each student in a school environment free of disruptions that interfere with the educational process. This handbook and the HISD Student Code of Conduct are to inform all students and parents of HISD’s and Kate Bell’s expectations regarding behavior and conduct. Parents are encouraged to review both of these documents with their children.

    Items Not To Be Brought To School

    1. Students should only bring those items that pertain to school (Example: school supplies and lunch money)

    2. No item that is prohibited by the HISD Code of Student Conduct is to be brought to school.

    3. Toys of any kind are not to be brought to school. School personnel are not responsible if such items are lost or stolen.

    4. No pocket knives of any type are to be brought to school.