• Uniform and Apparel Policy 

    The purpose for The Rice School uniform is to promote an environment where students are Scholars focused on a culture of learning. The guidelines below cover the major aspects of our uniform policy.  Students will be dressed in the official uniform every day.  Students are expected to be neatly dressed and groomed at all times.  Uniform Assistance is available through the counselor.  Please check the school’s website www.thericeschool.org or www.ricepto.org.   The official uniform consists of the following components:



    • Shirts must be purchased from The Rice School PTO.  The Rice School polo-style shirts are red, white or navy blue with The Rice School emblem. The Rice School emblem is copyright, therefore, there should be no altering to the uniform shirts. 

    • Students are allowed to wear solid-colored long sleeve shirts and or undershirts under their Rice School shirt.  These shirts must match the uniform shirt, for example navy uniform shirt and navy long sleeve/undershirts.

    • FRIDAYS ONLY---Spirit shirts and College shirts



    • The appropriate khaki color and style may be found in the uniform section at a variety of local stores. 

    • Pants must be proportioned to fit at the waist without having to use a belt.

    • Pants should not have any embellishments on them.

    • Cargo-style, excessively baggy or skinny kaki pants will not be permitted.

    • Khaki skirts will be straight or pleated with the hemline falling just above the knee to mid-calf.  

    • Solid-color leggings, tights and knee high socks are permitted to be worn under skirts, skorts, or shorts if they conform to the uniform colors.



    • Tennis shoes and loafers are acceptable shoes to wear and strongly recommended. 

    • Safety is main concern when purchasing school shoes.  The following shoes are not considered safe:  Heelys, crocs, high heels, sandals, flip-flops, house and open back and open toe shoes.



    • Uniform sweatshirts/windbreakers/sweaters or solid red, white or navy blue sweatshirts/ windbreakers/ sweaters will be acceptable to wear in the building/classrooms. There should be no writing or designs on these garments.

    • All other coats, jackets and sweaters may be worn into the building on cold days but must be placed in the student’s locker or cubby upon arrival.



    • Extreme hairstyles are prohibited (only natural hair color).

    • Excessive jewelry is not allowed.  Body piercing other than appropriate earring(s) is not allowed. 


    Consequences for not complying with the uniform dress code are as follows:

            First Time: Warning – Parents are contacted (phone call, email or notes from the teacher).

             Second Time:  Discipline and Uniform form is sent home; change of conduct color for the week.

             Third Time: 

    • Conduct Reduction for the 9 weeks that the infraction took place.

    • Recess and other extra-curricular activities (Field trips etc.) will not be allowed for the 9 weeks that the infraction took place.