SGA Logo

    1. The name of this organization is the West Briar Middle School Student Government Association (“SGA”).
    2. The purpose of the SGA is to be an assembly of elected students working for the good of the school, consistent with our Mission Statement.




    1. The President of the Student Government Association is to be the student leader of the school.
    2. The President shall be responsible for attending all SGA meetings/official events and shall serve as a liaison between the teachers and students.
    3. The President will preside over all meetings of the SGA.
    4. The office of the President will be open only to eighth grade students.


    Vice President

    1. The Vice President shall serve as a back-up to the President.
    2. In the event a President cannot meet his or her duties for SGA-related business or functions, the Vice-President shall assume those duties.
    3. The office of the Vice-President will be open to both seventh and eighth graders.



    1. The Secretary must be responsible for taking all notes related to the SGA, its meetings, and related business. If there is a question about a past decision or related business, the Secretary should be able to clarify using his/her notes.
    2. The office of the Secretary will be open to both seventh and eighth graders.



    1. The Treasurer will be responsible for assisting SGA sponsor in organizing and recording all money associated with business of the SGA.
    2. The Treasurer will be responsible for creating and planning SGA fundraisers
    3. The Treasurer will be responsible for giving reports periodically to the SGA on the state of its funds.
    4. The office of the Treasurer will be open to both seventh and eighth graders.


    Class Representatives

    1. The students of each grade shall elect two representatives to represent their grade in SGA.
    2. Class Representatives are responsible for understanding the ideas, wishes, and needs of the students in their grade level and communicating them to the SGA at designated meetings for consideration. Class Representatives will be the voice of their grade to the SGA.


    Elections and Terms (Going Forward)

    1. Elections will be held in the spring for the upcoming school year. Sixth grade students will hold a special election for class representatives in the fall, in which both representatives will hold office for that current school year.
    2. To be a candidate, students must apply and be approved by the SGA sponsor. Each candidate must have 1) a GPA of 3.0 or higher, 2) at least two recommendations of a teacher as to his/her good behavior and work ethic for the campaign year, 3) must not have had any referrals for discipline to administration.
    3. Any candidate who does not possess appropriate conduct and character will not be allowed to run in the election. For example, a student who behaves rudely, obscenely, dishonestly, or who exhibits disregard for school rules will lose the right to run in the election and will also be subject to removal from office after he/she is elected.
    4. The sponsor of the SGA shall have the authority to regulate the date of the elections, election procedures, all activities/business of the SGA, and the screening of all candidates.
    5. All campaign materials must be pre-approved by a sponsor.
    6. Students are required to create and display signs, banners, posters, flyers, and etc. during campaigns. Merchandise giveaways are permissible but not required.

Perspective Candidates

  • Submission of Application Packet

    Thank you for your interest in running for Student Council. SGA Officers represent the student body of West Briar Middle School and must be responsible, hard-working, and of great character. Holding a position as a leader of your school is not only rewarding but challenging as well. You must be seriously prepared to commit your time and efforts into this endeavor.

    The application packet must be completed and returned to me no later than Friday, September 13th at 4:15 PM.

    You must include the following items:

    • Application
    • Parent Permission Form
    • Petition Signatures
    • Teacher Recommendation Form
    • Final 2018-2019 Report Card (Printed and attached)
    • Candidate Speech

     Important Dates to Remember:

    • Mandatory Candidate Meeting - Friday, 09/06 @ 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
    • Application Due -Friday, 09/13 @ 4:30 pm 
    • Campaign Week - Monday, 09/23 - Thursday, 09/26
    • Election Day - Friday, 09/27 during lunch
    • Mandatory Meeting - Wednesday, 10/02 @ 7:30 am in Room #F200
    • Inauguration Ceremony - Friday, 10/04 @ 7:00 pm
    • First Student Council Meeting - Monday, 10/07 from 7:00 am - 8:00 am in Room #F200


    Please see me if you have any questions.


    Mrs. J. Ragland

    S.G.A. Sponsor – Room F200