• The HISD-Alternative Certification Program accommodates a wide range of certification routes, including those subjects deemed as critical shortage areas by HISD.

    Please find below the areas that we certify in.

    Bilingual Core Subjects EC-6 *Critical Shortage Area

    Math 4-8 *Critical Shortage Area  

    Core Subjects EC-6

    Math 7-12 *Critical Shortage Area

    Core Subjects 4-8

    Science 4-8 *Critical Shortage Area  

    ELAR 4-8 *Critical Shortage Area  

    Science 7-12 *Critical Shortage Area

    ELAR 7-12 *Critical Shortage Area

    Social Studies 4-8

    History 7-12

    Social Studies 7-12

    Languages Other Than English (LOTE) - Spanish

    SPED Core Subjects EC-6

    Life Science 7-12 *Critical Shortage Area

    SPED Core Subjects


  • Upon review of transcripts, we will determine the certification pathway that best fits your qualifications and needs of the district.