• Pre-Service

    Candidates will...

    • Complete at least 30 hours of field experience.

    • Complete at least 150 hours of coursework.

    • Pass ALL the required TExES exams. (In order to be approved to test you must complete all required study courses. Re-Testers must pass the HISD ACP practice test)


    Interns will...

    • Serve as the Teacher of Record on a Houston Independent School District campus.

    • Complete at least 150 additional hours of coursework. (300 total hours)

    • Receive at least five formal observations with feedback throughout the year. 


    Certification will be granted when the intern has satisfactorily completed all HISD ACP requirements.

    • Completed a minimum of 300 hours of coursework

    • Passed all the required TExES exams.

    • Effective performance in the classroom.