• Transfer approved in order for a student to participate in an IB course of study that is not available at the student's zoned school.  International Baccalaureate schools offer challenging educational programs for students to help develop their intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills to learn, work, and live comfortably and productively as a citizen of the world. The rigorous and broad IB program empowers students to become dedicated, lifelong, bilingual and biliterate learners who embrace multiculturalism and diversity.  IB schools operate through a nonprofit international foundation that authorizes IB status through an extensive process including teacher training, an IB-team visit, curriculum review, and interviews throughout the school community. 

    Selection of Eligible Schools: Receiving IB – International Baccalaureate School must indicate available space.

    Procedures for Applying: 

    • Parent/Guardian obtains the transfer form from the HISD Portal, school, or the Office of School Choice.
    • Parent/Guardian completes a transfer form requesting the transfer with “IB” as the reason.
    • Signature approval of receiving principal is required.
    • The completed transfer form is submitted to the Office of School Choice for processing.

    Approval Required: The Office of School Choice finalizes the IB transfer approval. 75% of a student’s core courses must be either IB or Pre-IB to continue to be eligible for enrollment on an IB student transfer. When a student is found not eligible for an IB transfer, the student will be required to return to their zone school.

    Transportation: Transportation services will be provided as long as the desired IB school is two or more miles from the student’s address.