• Taking Action

    Volunteerism is an important value of the International Baccalaureate Program.  Registering online with VIPS is easy. All volunteers must register online. All volunteers must pass an annual criminal background check before they can participate as a volunteer. Please follow the steps below to become a VIPS:

    Step 1:
    Register online and complete the entire Online Application in Raptor Volunteer Management System and submit your application.

    Step 2:

    Once your application is completed you will see Pending Review on the screen. 

    Step 3:

    An email regarding your approved status will be sent to your email address within 2-3 weeks.

    If you do not receive an email, please follow-up with your designated school's VIPS Coordinator. 

    Step 4:

    Once you are APPROVED to volunteer, you are eligible to volunteer in any HISD school(s) for the current school year.

    Our students benefit when we all volunteer!

    Volunteer registration

    Effective July 31, 2019, all VIPS volunteers will need to register online in the Raptor volunteer management system and agree to the annual background check for the 2019-2020 school year.

    After registering online and undergoing the annual background check, volunteers can work in any HISD school for the school year. All schools can track volunteer hours donated to the school district by establishing an online VIPS account.


    Click here for more information on VIPS.