• Greetings Team High School,


    I know many of you have been checking your folder in the OneDrive worried you may be missing a child/family in need. Please note the following:

    The OneDrive folder and the request form is only for parents/families that need a way to reach out for counseling. These folders should have very minimal requests because you have established a relationship with your school community and they know you are available for them. Many of you have incredible connections with the families and students on your campus; This request/folder is not applicable to you. This is another avenue for parents in HISD to reassure them services will be provided if they have not already received them from an HISD counselor or have not needed assistance in the past. Whatever systems you previously had in place for students/families to seek resources/counseling, will be the same systems you continue using now. I hope this helps clarify the purpose of the folder. If not, please reach out to your campus specialist with any questions you may have.


    Below are the links for those who have requested them:


    English Form



    Spanish Form