The Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps seeks to instill in participating U.S. high school students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. NJROTC cadets stand out among their peers as ethical, confident, physically fit, academically dedicated young men and women.  NJROTC is not a recruiting program, but a citizenship program. The mission of the NJROTC program and instructors is to make our cadets better citizens. 

    Our goals are to ensure they are better prepared to meet the educational and career challenges that face them upon graduation from high school.  To make sure they understand the importance of a good education for their futures in whatever career path they may choose and to help guide them toward making the correct decisions in life.   We stress the importance of team work, time management, leadership, followership, community service, preparation, attention to detail and integrity.  We offer the cadets an opportunity to practice these skills and attributes in a challenging environment, but also understand they are young and will make mistakes. 
    We expect them to learn from their mistakes and improve themselves and their peers.  We will give each and every cadet the opportunity to lead, develop and grow as a person, teammate and leader.  Our goal is to make them successful in school and in life.  Together, with the support of the school administration and the parents/guardians of our cadets, we can make a difference in their futures!