General Rules & Regulations




    The Madison High School Community believes that virtually all students can and will learn the skills needed to function appropriately in the school and community if given proper guidelines, instruction, sufficient time and support. Students are expected to be responsible for making appropriate decisions and choices about achievement, surroundings, interactions, and safety. To assist students in getting the greatest benefit from their school experience, while individually developing responsibility and learning to control their own behavior, certain guidelines must exist. At all times, HISD’s Code of Student Conduct will be enforced.



    1.      Students are responsible for their actions and must accept the consequences of their behavior.

    2.      Students are expected to respect the rights and properties of others and themselves.

    3.      Students will listen and follow directions.

    4.      Students are expected to use self-control and behavior appropriate to a school setting.

    5.      Rude or abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated.

    6.      Students will be held responsible for any damage done by them to any part of the school building.

    7.      Students will not be allowed to possess anything that could harm themselves or others.

    8.      Intentional physical contact, which causes pain and suffering, is not allowed.

    We except all Marlins to Think responsibly, come to school prepared, have respect for themselves and their environment, and show self-control especially when challenges arise on and off campus.