Parents Responsibilities

  • Parents have the responsibility to:

    Make every effort to provide for the physical needs of the child.
    Strive to prepare the child emotionally and socially to be receptive to learning and


    Ensure their child’s compliance with school attendance requirements and promptly
    report and explain absences and tardies to the school.


    Encourage and lead the child to develop proper study habits at home.


    Participate in meaningful parent-teacher conferences to discuss their child’s school
    progress and welfare.


    Keep informed of school policies and academic requirements of school programs.


    Participate in school related organizations.


    Be sure their child is appropriately dressed at school and school-related activities.


    Discuss report cards and school assignments with their child.

    Bring to the attention of school personnel any learning problem or condition that may

    relate to their child’s education.


    Maintain up-to-date home, work, and emergency telephone numbers and other
    pertinent information at the school.


    Cooperate with school administrators and teachers.


    Be sure their child attends school tutorials when required or as the need arises.