• General: Students must wear masks and other PPE properly, covering the nose and mouth, and maintain social distance of at least 6 feet. Staff members will be present in the hallways and courtyard during class transitions to direct the flow of traffic and ensure students follow safety measures.
    • Arrival: As students arrive, they will be screened by the nurse at our front gate. Students will wait inside the courtyard (or the cafeteria in case of inclement weather), and breakfast will be provided via mobile cart. Students may not enter the building or classrooms until 7:50 AM.
    • Lunch: Lunch will be provided outdoors (or the cafeteria/gym in case of inclement weather).
    • Dismissal: Dismissal will be staggered. Students should wait for an announcement before exiting. Once the announcement has been made, students should exit outside the front gate. Students are not permitted to re-enter once they have exited. At 4:30 PM, the building will be cleared.