• HAIS/HCC Magnet Enrollment Process

    1. Complete the New HAIS Student Information Form.
    2. If your student is not currently enrolled in Houston ISD, complete this form (using a Google account) and upload student birth certificate, parent/guardian photo ID, and student social security card (optional).
      • This step is not required for students currently enrolled in Houston ISD.
    3. Apply to Houston Community College (HCC) no later than Friday, April 16 by following the attached instructions.
      • This is a requirement as all HAIS students are also early college students at HCC.
      • Please wait until you receive an HCC Student ID before completing the next step.
    4. Complete required HCC enrollment forms (attached) no later than Tuesday, June 15 and upload here (using a Google account), along with student immunization record or exemption.
      • Instructions for Bacterial Meningitis Verification Form: Complete using student information and indicate whether you have uploaded student immunization record or exemption by checking the appropriate statement. Student signs and dates.
      • Instructions for Dual Credit Waiver Approval Form: Complete using student information, and skip the section requiring you to list courses. Student and parent sign.
      • Instructions for Student Commitment Statement: Read and understand the commitment statements. Student signs and dates, including HCC ID.

    Signing Documents Electronically