• Principal’s Message

    It’s an exciting time to be a West Briar Grizzly!  I am thrilled to be entering my third year at West Briar and having served alongside our eighth graders their entire middle school experience. We head into the 2023-2024 school year with a renewed focus on high-quality instruction that ensures engagement and rigor. West Briar is aligning with the new HISD vision of everyone working towards common goals through a school-wide action plan. The HISD core beliefs align with our grizzly vision and here’s how:

    1. All students can learn and reach his or her potential.

      1. West Briar exists to create a dynamic learning environment that challenges all students.

    2. Effective teachers make the most difference in student academic performance.

      1. We provide guidance and support to ensure individual success.

    3. Hold students and ourselves to high expectations.

      1. West Briar creates a learning environment with high expectations that challenge all students.

    4. Parent engagement and community support.

      1. PTO is incredibly active and supportive of our school community.

      2. Family Friendly School

    5. Clearly defined outcomes guide our work.

      1. #GrizzlyValues = Integrity; Respect; Perseverance

    This school year West Briar will focus on developing our school community’s #GrizzlyPride which demonstrates respect for our campus and our community.  These schoolwide expectations will develop a sense of community through consistency and alignment across grade levels.  In addition, academically our school Action Plan focuses on:

    1. Student Engagement- providing engaging activities that foster collaboration and communication using high-quality instructional materials.

    2. School Culture- we will work to incentivize positive behavior, rewarding students who are doing the right thing.  We will also work to reduce our student conflicts and develop our restorative approach to discipline.

    3. Special Populations- we will work to meet the needs of all students including students who struggle and our high-achievers.  This includes differentiating instruction based on student’s needs and challenging advanced learners by increasing the instructional rigor.

    4. Data-Informed- we will analyze and use student data to inform our instruction and interventions. 

    We believe having clear and consistent goals that everyone in our school community is working towards will significantly contribute to student’s success.  Every single member of our school staff has committed to contributing to these goals and will collaborate regularly on our progress.


    It’s a fantastic year to be a Grizzly!

    Lea Mishlan, Ed.D.


    Grizzly Values