Cheer for Hartman

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    The purpose of this sport will be to promote and uphold school spirit, to develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students, to build a better relationship between schools during athletic events, and most importantly, to promote cheerleading as a sport.


    The mission of the Hartman Middle School cheerleading squad is to promote school spirit through a positive attitude, teamwork, and a sense of belonging!


    The vision of the Hartman Middle School cheerleading squad is to fulfill the purpose and the mission by developing the skills for becoming an effective leader and role model.  Cheerleading is more than just standing in front of a crowd performing a cheer.  It is an opportunity to become a better person through hard work and dedication.  This is a team that represents Hartman.  Cheerleaders are role models for other students in the school.  Cheerleading takes self-discipline and dedication.

    Coach:  E. Lighteard