HISD’s IT team was able to add the HCC Respondus Lockdown Browser to the HISD Software Center. It should work with the current version of the lockdown browser being used by HCC personnel. Please note that it may take upwards to 24 hours for this item to appear in the software center of a student’s PowerUp laptop.

    Attention Dual Students:

    If you need to install the HCC Respondus Lockdown browser on your HISD-issued laptop, please

    download the software from HISD Software Center.

    PLEASE NOTE: You CANNOT download the Lockdown browser from CANVAS or the HCC website. You must download the software from the HISD Software Center.

    Attention Students, a very SMALL percentage of you may still encounter a FAIL state when attempting to install from the Software Center. Please notify Mr. Hernandez (Christopher.Hernandez@HoustonISD.org) right away if this happens to you.