Cheer Tryout Frequently Asked Questions

  • Thank you for your interest in joining the squad, and I look forward to seeing you at the cheer clinic.  Good luck to you all.  Go Panthers!

    NOTE:   Please read this packet in its entirety to understand exactly what is expected of you to try out.  Once you have read over the information, and you still have questions, contact me at:

    Do I need any cheerleading experience to try out?  
    No. Although, having experience may help, it is not required.  You must be a committed, hardworking individual who wants to be a part of a team, develop confidence and more importantly, acquire leadership skills.  If you do not have cheer experience, look for videos online about cheerleading, arm motions, jump techniques, and how to engage the crowd.  The more you practice, the better you will get.

    What do I have to do to tryout?
    You must attend the cheer clinic all three days.  At the clinic, you will learn crowd engagement, a cheer, a chant, and different jumps.  On the day of the mock tryout, you will perform as you would on the date of the tryouts.  On the day of tryouts, you will be performing crowd engagement, a cheer, a chant, and 3 jumps by yourself, in front of a panel of judges. You must show enthusiasm, remain respectful, pay close attention, listen carefully, and learn as much as you can during the clinic.  No horseplay is allowed, and you may be asked to leave and not be unable to try out.  Remember, this is your time to learn, and for you to perfect your skills, so that you can perform in front of the judges.  On all three days, you are required to dress appropriately.  Teacher recommendations and their input will be carefully considered part of your scoresheet.

    What do I need to wear to FBMS tryout clinic?
    Every day of the clinic, you must wear a FBMS t-shirt, school uniform t-shirt, or plain white T-shirt. (please do not wear any tshirts representing any school other than Frank Black MS), black shorts, athletic shoes, hair in a ponytail, and no jewelry, no food or gum.

    What days am I required to attend in order to try out?
    The following dates are required for you to be eligible to attend tryouts. At the start time, you must already be in the appropriate attire when entering the gym. All candidates need to be picked up promptly at 6:00 every day. 

    • Day 1; 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM, FBMS Gym-Cheer Clinic
      • You will be taught crowd engagement, motion techniques and a chant.
      • No parents will be allowed.
      • No filming or cell phones will be allowed.
    • Day 2, 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM, FBMS Gym-Cheer Clinic
      • You will be taught a cheer, and 3 different jumps.
      • No parents will be allowed.
      • No filming or cell phones will be allowed.
    • Day 3, 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM, FBMS Gym-Mock Tryouts
      • You will be going through the actual tryout procedures, but it this is not official, but you should perform as though it is.
      • No parents will be allowed.
      • No filming or cell phones will be allowed.
    • Day 4, 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM, FBMS Gym- Cheer Tryouts
      • Official tryout day!
      • No parents will be allowed.
      • No filming or cell phones will be allowed.

    How many cheerleaders will there be on the squad?
    I am going to choose a squad of 15 cheerleaders and two mascots.  Do not let this number neither stop you from trying out, nor, let the number of participants at the clinic intimidate you. All current FBMS cheerleaders must tryout again and qualify to be on next year’s squad.  I will be looking for most enthusiastic and coachable candidates.

    Do my past grades matter?
    Past grades will not influence your eligibility to try out.  Teacher recommendations will be reviewed as well.  However, once the 2024-2025 school year begins, per UIL, your grades will consistently be monitored, and do affect your eligibility to participate and remain on the squad.  More information regarding this will be given if you make the squad.

    How much money does it cost? 
    The cost will be approximately $700 ; which includes the cost for cheer camp, cheer uniform (shell skirt, bows, cheer shoes, socks, backpack, etc.), as well as practice wear, and other extra expenditures are associated with cheerleading. Please know that is it the family’s responsibility to pay for you to be on the squad.   Fundraising opportunities are an option to offset costs.  Remember, there is no price that can be placed on the character building that you will get as a member of this organization.

    How much time outside of school is required to be a part of this incredible team?
    There is a strenuous time commitment to be a part of the Frank Black Cheer Squad.  While joining other organizations and sports is acceptable, it is necessary that you balance your schedule wisely and do not miss out on any of the cheerleading activities. Any organization/sport outside of FBMS will not be an excuse to miss any FBMS Cheer activities (practices, games, events, etc.).  When you make the squad, more details will be given.  You will also be required to attend any and all scheduled community events, school events, football games, and all boys’ and girls’ basketball games.

    Am I required to go to summer camp, and when and where is it?
    As a member of the FBMS Cheer Squad, yes, you are required to go to summer camp to remain on the team.  Camp will be from July 15 through July 18, 2024.  More details regarding camp will be given when you make the squad.

    Who do I contact if I have any questions?
    Any questions can be emailed to                                                                                                                                                                                                               



    • Keep your grades up – schoolwork comes first and is a good indicator of your work ethic.
    • Practice good rapport with your teachers and peers.  Cheerleaders are role models in their communities.
    • Introduce yourself to the cheer coach, this will help them get to know you.
    • In the months/weeks leading up to tryouts, stretch and start training for technical skills.  Search social media for different ways to show enthusiasm, proper technique for jumps, and the different cheer motions.
    • Work with private coaches or senior cheerleaders for helpful critiques.
    • When the scoresheet becomes available, be sure to identify your strengths and areas of weaknesses. This will help you practice and prepare for the big day.
    • During the clinic, pay attention, have a positive attitude, cheer full out and ask questions. Your coach wants you to be successful. 
    • Remember coaches and administrators are always watching.  Behave appropriately and be courteous to the other candidates. 
    • When coach allows, record the tryout material on your phone so that you can practice at home. 
    • Stretch after each clinic session and drink plenty of water to avoid sore muscles.
    • Practice your material full out in front of your family and friends to calm your nerves.
    • On tryout day, arrive early, take deep breaths, relax, and have fun!
    • Keep in mind that being a member of the cheerleading squad comes with a financial obligation.  Seek out the details of what will be required so you can be prepared.