Academy of Pharmacy Technology at Jane Long

    The School of Pharmacy Technology prepares students for the growing pharmaceutical industry by providing them with the clinical and business skills needed to work successfully alongside pharmacists and physicians.

    Possible career options:

    • Pharmacy Technician (median salary: $31,514)
    • Pharmacy Aide (annual salary: $23,830) 
    The Futures Academy is a dual enrollment model that enables students at seven HISD campuses to fulfill high school graduation requirements while simultaneously earning industry certifications, college credits, and an Associate of Science degree by August after their senior year.


    Earn college credits
    In partnership with Houston Community College, students will earn an AAS or Certificate the summer after graduation.



    High-demand, high-growth career option
    Upon successful completion of the Futures Academy program, students will be qualified for entry into high-demand, high-growth jobs in several of Houston's most thriving industries, including medicine, shipping, energy manufacturing, and computer technology.



    Industry Certifications
    Students will receive industry certifications related to their program.
    Magnet Coordinator: 
    Erica D. East